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USS boasts a insturctor team of over 20 members, with each of our instructors holding professional qualifications from CSIA and CASI. We are the most professional skiing instruction team in Quebec, with all our instructors being Level 2 or Level 3 (for both skiing and snowboarding). This represents the pinnacle of Chinese-Canadian ski instructors.

USS adheres to the "symbiosis" philosophy, striving to create a community for skiing enthusiasts, aiming to let everyone enjoy the fun and benefits of skiing together. By promoting skiing, elevating the standard of ski education, and establishing a safe, inclusive, respectful, and cooperative skiing culture, we aspire to realize this vision.

If you wish to join an outstanding team and become a ski instructor, please get in touch with us.

Guillaume Lavoie

Snowboard Instructor

Burton Sponsored Rider

Charles Côté

Snowboard Instructor


CASI Evaluator Lv2

Dominique Godin

Ski Instructor


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