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UNION DE SKI ET SNOWBOARD (USS) was established in 2014 and is the first professional skiing school in Quebec dedicated to serving the Chinese community.

USS embraces the philosophy of "symbiosis" and is committed to creating a community of skiing enthusiasts. The goal is to ensure everyone can enjoy the joys and benefits of skiing together. This is achieved by promoting the sport of skiing, elevating the standard of ski education, and fostering a skiing and snowboarding culture that is safe, inclusive, respectful, and collaborative.

USS believes that an educational institution should also bear market responsibilities, social responsibilities, and environmental responsibilities. Market responsibility means that skiing programs should provide skiing enthusiasts with high-quality equipment, services, and venues; social responsibility implies that skiing initiatives should aim to contribute to local and global communities, for instance through charitable events, community involvement, and social responsibility projects. Environmental responsibility entails that skiing programs should strive to minimize their environmental impact, adopting eco-friendly technologies, preserving natural environments and resources.

The concept of "symbiosis" provides a grand vision and goal for skiing and snowboarding programs, offering guidance and support for the sustainable development of the sport. Through "symbiosis", we can establish a better, fairer, and more sustainable skiing community where everyone can relish the happiness and advantages of skiing and snowboarding.

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